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TFO Fly Rods Vs Redington Fly Rods

TFO Fly Rods Vs Redington Fly Rods

When it comes to budget fly rods, TFO and Redington are 2 of the top choices. They offer affordable fly rods that still come with a lifetime warranty. These are still good rod brands, but they are made overseas – Korea, specifically. This helps them keep their costs down, as opposed to American made rods, which are expensive.

Due to Temple Forks streamlined warranty process and general rod performance, I usually recommend TFO over Redington. TFO rods offer the best value possible, with an unmatched, quick warranty policy.

If you’re looking to get into your first fly rod, TFO and Redington are both worth checking out. Given their lower prices, many new fly anglers can get into a rod that they can actually afford. These days, premium fly rods can cost over $1000 – and many folks just can’t justify that purchase price.

This article will cover the pros and cons of each brand, and will hopefully guide your decision.

TFO (Temple Fork Outfitters) Fly Rods

Temple Fork Outfitters is based in Texas, and they are known for less expensive, quality fly rods. Backed by legendary anglers such as Flip Pallot, Lefty Kreh and Blane Chocklett – TFO has a large following, especially from the younger crowd.

Although these rods are made in Korea, their factory is top notch and their workers are treated very well.

One of the best things about Temple Fork is their warranty policy. With most fly rod brands, you must send your rod back when it breaks. Then, you’ll have to wait a couple months for them to repair it. TFO has done away with this, and made a more streamlined warranty process.

When your TFO rod breaks, simply go to their website (tforods.com). Under the parts section, you can select your rod and the section that broke. Simply add it to your cart and pay, and they will ship it out to you. Instead of waiting months for a rod repair, you can be fishing again within a week. This warranty process is amazing, and I wish more rod brands would do this.

Our favorite TFO rod is the LK Legacy. It casts and fishes extremely well, and it is still cheaper than premium rods from other companies. There is a link at the bottom of this article.

Pros Of TFO Fly Rods

There are many benefits of going with Temple Fork Outfitters.

  • As listed above, the warranty process is absolutely top notch
  • TFO has many fly rods to choose from, over 15 models available!
  • TFO also makes good reels, with 3 main fly reels to choose from
  • TFO is backed by some of the best anglers in the industry
  • They make rods for every species, from small trout to large saltwater fish

Cons Of TFO Fly Rods

  • TFO rods generally do not cast as well as premium rods
  • Higher end TFO’s will still cost around $400 – not super cheap

Redington Fly Rods

Redington is an affordable fly rod brand that is actually Sage’s sister company. Since Sage rods are so pricey, Redington offers affordable alternatives for the frugal angler.

Redingtons pricing is on par with TFO, and they have plenty of rod models to choose from. Redington is a top seller at fly shops around the USA.

Similar to Temple Fork, Redington fly rods are also made in Korea. This keeps costs down, as opposed to being made in America.

Although Redington’s warranty process is slower than TFO’s, they still offer a lifetime warranty, and they will repair or replace all broken rods (for a fee).

Our favorite starter combo from Redington is the Path outfit. It offers great performance at an entry level price. You can check the link at the bottom of this article.

Pros Of Redington Fly Rods

There are many benefits of going with Redington instead of Temple Fork Outfitters.

  • Many fly rods to choose from – 9 freshwater models, 5 saltwater models, and 4 spey models
  • Redington rods are relatively affordable, you can fit them into any budget
  • Redington rods are easy to find at most western fly shops
  • Redington offers more reel options than TFO, with 7 models available

Cons Of Redington Fly Rods

  • Redington takes much longer with their warranty process – it can take a couple months to get a rod repaired
  • Higher end Redington rods can still cost over $400 – not very cheap


Overall, Redington and Temple Fork Outfitters are great brands. They offer beginner fly anglers an option to get into the sport, without breaking the bank.

Due to their warranty policy and quick turnaround times, I usually suggest that new anglers go with Temple Fork. You will break your rod eventually, and it is nice to be fishing again within a week.

However, Redington rods fish very well, and they offer some high quality reels. Although their warranty process takes longer, they will always get you back on the water. There are many anglers that stick with Redington instead of TFO.

As far as costs go, both brands are pretty similar. You can get into a cheaper rod for around $150 – give or take. The nicer rod models will cost about $400. However, this is still much cheaper than a Sage or Scott – as these can cost over $1000 for a premium model.

It really all depends on your budget, and how into fly fishing you are. Since beginners often don’t know if they’ll stick with fly fishing – it is better to go with an affordable rod like Redington or TFO. Once beginners get better, and decide to stick with it – they will often upgrade to a nicer rod.