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Sumo Rod Mounts Carrier Review

One of the best rod carriers is the Sumo Rod Mounts. It has many advantages, and most anglers can benefit from using one. They are much more affordable than rod vaults, and their ease of use is unmatched. It is quite a genius little product, and I am happy I have a Sumo.

This article will cover the best features of the Sumo Rod Mount and hopefully guide you in choosing a fly rod carrier. The Sumo works great for me personally. However, you may want to opt for another carrier if your preferences are different. I think the Sumo is the best bet for most fly fishing folks.

At the time of writing this article, many Sumos are sold out. I hope they continue to make them for the foreseeable future. It would be a bummer if they went away! They are a great product that should really remain in business.

Sumo Rod Mounts Storage Capacity

The Sumo can carry up to 6 fully rigged fly rods, whereas most rod vaults can only hold up to 4. This is a huge advantage. You can transport your rods and put your buddy’s rods on them, too. This is also huge for guides transporting several rods for their clients.

If you were to buy a 6 banger rod vault, the price would be crazy. Fly Rod Safe makes one, and it costs $3,000. You can get a Sumo that will transport the same amount of rods for a small fraction of this cost.

The Sumo can also carry any type of fishing rod. If you prefer to spin fish, it can have those rods easily. This makes the Sumo very adaptable to all anglers.

Price Of The Sumo Rod Mount

Sumo Rod Mounts retail for $150, which is an excellent price. The cheapest rod vault is about $400 for a basic model. The Sumo is priced so it is accessible to most anglers. You don’t have to have lots of money to purchase a Sumo.

Since the Sumo is a smaller investment, it is an easier decision for most fly fishers to purchase. Even if you don’t use it much, it isn’t a big purchase to begin with.


The Sumo is available in suction mounts and magnet mounts. Suction mounts can attach to any smooth surface – windshield, headlights, hood, or roof. Magnets can only be attached to steel cars (usually older models).

The suction mounts have been tested at over 100 mph and don’t fall off, making them safer bets for highway driving. No matter how fast you go, the sumo suction cups will stay on. The magnets are not rated for speeds over 45 mph. They can work on the highway, but it is more risky, as the wind draft can pull them off. This is why I recommend suction mounts for most people.

The suction cups must be applied to a clean, dry surface. They can only adhere properly if your car is clean and dry. I know folks who have had their Sumo fly off, and they blame the product. However, I knew that they didn’t mount it properly to begin with! If you apply the suction cups to your car properly, they will not fly off. Just give the area a good wipe down before you attach the Sumo—it’s that easy.

The magnets can be applied to dirty or wet surfaces. As long as your car is steel, you can stick the Sumo magnets on it.

Sumo Rod Mount Is Removable

A rod vault or rod safe is permanently attached to your car. Even when you’re running errands or going to work, you still have a rod vault on your roof. The Sumo is removable, which is very convenient. When you’re not fishing, remove the Sumo and go about your day. Removing the suction, Sumo takes about 10 seconds! Removing the magnet version is instantaneous.

Although I love to fly fish, I like having my car free of the mount when I’m doing other things. I don’t need everyone to know that I’m a fisherman. It also prevents theft of the Sumo when your car is unattended. If someone knows what it is and they want it, they can steal it pretty easily.

Moving Around With The Sumo

The Sumo makes it easy to hop around from one fishing spot to the next. You can load your rods up in less than a minute and then head to the next hole. This makes the Sumo a great choice for fishing trips or just hopping around on your local water.

Here in Colorado, fly fishers often move around throughout the day. If one fishing spot isn’t fishing well, we like to move. This is when the Sumo comes in handy.


The Sumo is entirely adjustable. You can adjust the flat “T” portion on top with a screw knob. You can also adjust the feet with two other screw knobs. This allows you to keep the Sumo flat no matter how you mount it. It is important to keep the Sumo flat and level so that your rods are mounted properly.

Due to the Sumo’s adjustability, you can keep it level no matter which vehicle you have. From sedans to SUVs to trucks, the Sumo will always work.


Although spending hundreds on a rod vault is tempting, the Sumo is the best choice for most folks. It is convenient, and it doesn’t break the bank. The funny thing is, I hardly see any Sumo mounts on the river. Maybe they still need to catch on in Colorado, but I am proud to use mine.

Definitely check out the Sumos and consider them your next rod holder. Unless you’re a full-time fly fishing guide, I don’t think buying a rod vault is necessary.