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Scott Fly Rods Review – Are They Worth The Price?

Scott Fly Rods Review – Are They Worth The Price?

Scott fly rods are some of my favorite fly rods on the market. I truly love these rods, and my main rod is a Scott – which I use more than any of my other rods.

There is no doubt that Scott makes some fine fly rods. They are a Colorado company, and every rod is handmade in their Montrose factory. Their graphite, fiberglass, and bamboo technology is truly top notch, and their components are flawless as well.

Scott Fly Rods are certainly worth the money. If you do get one, they will last a lifetime. However, it is a bigger investment that should be thought about.

This article will cover the pros and cons of Scott fly rods. If you are looking to get into your first premium fly rod, I think Scott is a solid choice. They provide decades of use and performance. However, there are a few cons that you should consider. More on that below.

Pro: Scotts Are Handmade In Colorado

Every Scott rod is handcrafted in Montrose by a team of skilled craftsmen. They have been doing this since 1973, and they really know their stuff. Only a select team of rod builders is allowed to put their hands on these rods.

Obviously, the graphite is top notch. However, what really makes Scott rods special is their components. The Portugese cork, hand written rod labels, wood inserts, and unfinished textured blanks. They are truly unique rods. You can identify a Scott rod just by a quick glance. I like to think of them as works of art, instead of just a rod.

Pro: Scott Fly Rods Have A Great Warranty

Scott offers a lifetime warranty on all of their rods. This is pretty standard with premium fly rods, as customers want to know that they’re covered against breakages. What I really like is that Scott has kept their warranty fee pretty reasonable. As of September, 2022, their warranty fee is $65. Sage and other rod companies have increased their warranty fees over time, but Scott has remained quite reasonable.

If you do break your Scott fly rod, simply send the entire rod back to their factory. They will begin repairing it and will send it back to you as good as new. No questions asked.

Pro: High Quality Components

Scotts graphite and fiberglass is some of the nicest in the industry. It is right up there with Sage, Orvis, and G Loomis – I think it’s even better. However, Scott takes extra care to put the highest end components in their rods. Their cork is imported from Portugal, and it is the smoothest cork I have fished with. They use the highest quality snake guides in every rod as well. The reel seats have perfect hardware, and they even include wood inserts on some of their reel seats.

As you can tell, every single component of a Scott fly rod is top of the line. They don’t cut any corners, which makes for a really premium fly rod. However, this is also reflected in the high price of these rods.

Pro: Scott Fly Rods Cast Very Well

Scott is known for making fast action rods that still have lots of feel. This blend is something that most rod companies are not offering. When you cast a rod like the Scott Centric, you get all the power of a fast action rod, but you can still feel the graphite like with a slower rod. I have the older model (Scott Radian) which is a similar construction. It has all the power of a fast rod, but you can still feel everything.

Other companies offer premium fast action rods, but they have less feel. If you’ve ever casted a Sage X or a Sage Igniter, you’ll know what i’m talking about. They are extremely powerful rods, but they lack the finesse that a Scott has.

Con: Longer Repair Times

Since Scotts are handmade piece by piece, the warranty lead times can be longer. They have to handcraft your rod, which often means building new sections from scratch. This can take a month or two, so you’ll have to be patient while they’re rebuilding.

Cheaper rod companies are faster with repairs. This is because the rods are mass produced overseas – when you break it, they simply grab a new section from their warehouse. Scott does not operate like this, they actually have to handcraft every section. Although this takes longer, I think it is worth the wait.

Con: Higher Prices

Scott rods start at $675 for their “Wave” model, and go up to $3600 for their split cane bamboo rod. Any way you put it, Scott rods are not cheap. They are for fly anglers looking for a premium fly rod that will last a lifetime. If you invest in a Scott rod, it will be a fishing tool that you’ll have forever.

These high prices will deter plenty of fly anglers, and that is okay. Scott fly rods aren’t really targeted towards beginner anglers. Obviously, beginners can still purchase and enjoy them. However, Scott really caters towards experienced anglers who are looking for a premium product.


Overall, Scott fly rods are a perfect choice for fly anglers looking for a top of the line product. There are plenty of cheaper options out there. Todays market is flooded with cheap rods that are made overseas. Scott knows this, but they have stayed true to their mission.

Their rods will always be made with the highest quality and care. There is something to be said for a premium fly rod, and how they fish. Out of my whole quiver of fly rods, only a few of them fall into the “premium” category. I do love fishing them, but I also treat them with care. They will serve you well, and will definitely last a lifetime.