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Oregon Fishing License: How to Get One in 2024

Oregon Fishing License: How to Get One in 2024

Before planning a fishing trip, all Oregon anglers must possess a valid fishing license. The type of license to fishs issued is according to the purpose of the catch, and accordingly, both recreational and commercial fishing licenses are available for OR residents and visitors. Fishing licenses in Oregon are issued by the state’s Department of Fish and Wildlife and individuals can apply in several different ways. When buying fishing licenses in OR, anglers are encouraged to attend fishing education classes to learn about fishing techniques and equipment, fish species, safety and more. Experienced fishermen have the opportunity to join a fishing organization in their area and share their knowledge with other fellow hobbyists. Read below to find out about the following topics:

Types of Oregon Fishing Licenses

In Oregon waters, anglers can fish for recreation or for profit and thus must obtain a recreational or a commercial fishing license, respectively. All individuals who are at least 12 years of age or older must meet the following requirements:

  • Have a valid shellfish or regular OR fishing license for taking fish or shellfish for personal use
  • Have a valid combined angling tag when fishing for halibut, salmon, sturgeon or steelhead
  • Record the harvest of steelhead or wild salmon on a combined angling tag

The Department of Fish and Wildlife does not require an Oregon fishing license in the following instances:

  • When landowners fish on their own land or land owned by a family member (except when fishing for sturgeon, salmon, halibut or steelhead)
  • On Free Fishing Weekends
  • When taking bullfrogs or crayfish

You can easily buy a fishing license in Oregon in one of the following ways:

  • Online
  • In person, from a license agent or at any ODFW office
  • By mail or fax

The OR DFW offers purchasing of fishing licenses via the online license sales system. Applicants will be asked to enter their Social Security Number, credit card information and details from a previous fishing license. The system will allow you to print your license and use it immediately.

To buy a fishing license in person, visit any ODFW office or find an authorized license agent in your area. Certain OR fishing licenses can be purchased by mail or fax, by sending the appropriate application to the ODFW license services.

Recreational Fishing Licenses in Oregon

Oregon’s anglers can choose from one of the following recreational fishing licenses:

  • Regular angling ($38 for residents, $97.50 for nonresidents)
  • Hunting and fishing combination ($65 for residents, not available for nonresidents)
  • Sports Pac, including fishing, hunting, shellfish, fishing and hunting tags ($180 for residents, not available for nonresidents)
  • Annual shellfish ($9 for residents, $26 for nonresidents)
  • Two-rod fishing ($21.50 for residents and nonresidents)
  • Columbia river basin endorsement ($9.75 when bought together with a fishing license, $11.75 if purchased separately)
  • Steelhead harvest card/hatchery salmon ($25 for residents, not available for nonresidents)
  • Adult combined fishing tag ($35 for residents, $55 for nonresidents)
  • Youth Sports Pac ($55 for residents, not available for nonresidents)
  • Youth license for anglers 12-17 years of age ($10 for residents)
  • Youth fishing combined tag ($5 for residents)
  • Senior fishing for anglers 70 years of age or older ($25 for residents, not available for nonresidents)
  • One-day fishing ($19)
  • Two-day fishing ($34)
  • Thee-day fishing ($50.50)
  • Seven-day fishing (not available for residents, $76.50 for nonresidents)
  • Three-day shellfish (not available for residents, $17 for nonresidents)
  • Daily fishing and shellfish combo ($27.50)
  • Daily Columbia basin endorsement ($1)

In addition, Oregon’s oceanside offers fishing opportunities for groundfish, ocean salmon and halibut.

Commercial Fishing Licenses in Oregon

Fishermen who fish for profit must obtain the appropriate Oregon commercial fishing license. All commercial fishermen must report the harvest to an authorized fish dealer. Dealers and fishermen can buy one of the following licenses:

  • Wholesale fish dealer ($502)
  • Limited fish seller resident ($102)
  • Wholesale fish bait dealer ($127)
  • Limited fish seller nonresident ($152)
  • Fish buyer license ($277)

Additionally, if you assist in commercial fishing operations or operate a fishing boat, you must obtain an individual commercial fishing license:

  • Resident ($102)
  • Non-resident ($152)
  • Resident crewmember ($127)
  • Non-resident crewmember ($177)
  • Resident bait ($127)
  • Non-resident bait ($177)

Oregon Fishing Education

If you are a beginner angler who would like to learn fishing basics, enroll in fishing education classes through the Angler Education Program in Oregon. The program is primarily focused on educating young anglers and it offers four main areas of focus:

  • Basic fishing techniques and skills
  • Water safety
  • Fishing responsibilities and ethical conduct
  • Aquatic conservation

Some of the many fishing activities include fish identification, casting techniques, equipment basics, catch and release, fly tying and more.Adult anglers can participate in education classes and seminars for trout fishing.

Oregon Fishing Organizations

If you would like to share your skills and knowledge with other anglers in your area, join one of the many fishing clubs and organizations in Oregon. Some of the most important ones include:

  • The Oregon Fishing Club.
  • The Oregon B.A.S.S. Federation Nation.
  • The Native Fish Society.

The OR Fishing Club is an organization that offers fishermen well-selected private fishing spots. The club owns 37 private properties where both novice and professional fishermen can enjoy their favorite sport. Anglers are not required to obtain a fishing license for the private ponds, but must have one for river fishing. The lakes and ponds are mainly intended for ‘catch and release,’ but on certain occasions, anglers can take some of the catch home. The fishing locations are abundant with rainbow trout, panfish and bass.

The Oregon B.A.S.S. Federation Nation is a state branch of the National B.A.S.S Federation. Its members can take part in many fishing activities, tournaments and conservation events, as well as to attend club meetings. The federation also offers youth programs and tournaments to promote fishing from a young age.

The Native Fish Society of Oregon aims to protect and recover the state’s native, wild fish species and to promote the preservation of their habitats. The society is involved with work on harvest, hatchery, habitat protection and management reforms. Even though the NFS is not a fishing organization per se, its vision and mission are of great interest for all Oregon fishermen.