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New York Fishing License: How to Get One in 2024

New York Fishing License: How to Get One in 2024

Whether angling for freshwater fish or saltwater fish in New York, anglers must have a valid NY fishing license on them at all times. The Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) offers two general types of fishing permits: freshwater fishing licenses and saltwater fishing licenses. Furthermore, the state presents fishing education opportunities to both novice and professional fishermen seeking to improve their knowledge of the sport. Learn more about the license types and how to get an NY fishing license in the sections below:

Types of New York Fishing Licenses

To fish in New York’s waters, both residents and nonresidents are required to obtain an NY fishing permit from the Department of Environmental Conservation. Aside from the general fishing licenses, the department offers free licenses to fish and reduced-rate licenses to certain groups of NY residents. Depending on the area you plan to fish in, one of the following types of licenses is required:

  • Freshwater fishing licenses
  • Saltwater fishing licenses

Freshwater Fishing Licenses in New York

Anglers planning a fishing trip in New York’s inland waters must obtain a freshwater fishing permit. Licenses to fish in NY are categorized based on factors such as: the applicant’s age, physical ability and the longevity of the license. After reviewing the state’s freshwater fishing regulations, choose one of the following fishing licenses:

  • Resident annual fishing license
  • Non-resident annual fishing license
  • Resident one-day fishing license
  • Non-resident one-day fishing license
  • Seven-day resident fishing license
  • Seven-day non-resident fishing license

Additionally, the following groups of New York residents are offered either free fishing licenses or reduced-rate fishing licenses:

  • Military members
  • Disabled military veterans
  • Seniors older than 70 years of age
  • Blind individuals

Anglers younger than 16 years of age, Native Americans and resident landowners fishing on their property are exempt from buying a New York fishing permit.

Note: Resident licenses to fish are offered at a discount in comparison to non resident fishing permits.

Saltwater Fishing Licenses in New York

New York fishermen interested in fishing in the state’s marine waters must purchase a saltwater fishing permit. However, before buying a fishing license for marine fishing, any interested applicant must enroll in the recreational marine fishing registry. The following limitations apply to saltwater fishing in New York:

  • Size limits
  • Possession limits
  • Open season dates

Note: Anglers who fish for lobsters, crabs and clams do not have to enlist in the marine fishing registry.

Interested New York anglers can buy a fishing license through any of the following methods:

  • In person from authorized issuing agents
  • By phone at: 1-866-933-2257
  • Online via the department’s website

New York Fishing Education

The New York Department of Environmental Conservation offers a variety of fishing education opportunities to both children and adults. Available through the department’s educational camps and centers, or via state schools, the following introduce New York residents to the joys and benefits of fishing:

  • Project Aquatic WILD
  • I FISH NY Beginners’ Guide

The main focus of project Aquatic WILD is aquatic ecosystems and their wildlife. It provides multidisciplinary workshops for future teachers and youth leaders, with training that includes inquiry-based, hands-on activities as part of the state school curricula. Within the program, students can directly benefit from the activities managed by trained educators while also earning college credits. Created by the Department of Environmental Conservation, the I FISH NY Beginners’ Guide offers an extensive and easy-to-follow set of instructions for people of all ages and physical abilities. Some of the manual’s chapters include:

  • New York’s fishes and their habitats.
  • Basic fishing techniques.
  • Preparing and cooking your catch.
  • Fishing ethics and responsible angling.

New York Fishing Organizations

Anglers interested in meeting like-minded fishing enthusiasts, sharing fishing experiences or practicing a particular type of fishing can join one of many fishing organizations and clubs based in New York. As advocates for more preferable fishing-related policies, the following associations are open to fishermen of all ages:

  • Fishermen’s Conservation Association
  • Kayak Fishing Association of New York

Fishermen’s Conservation Association

The mission of the Fishermen’s Conservation Association is to protect New York’s marine waters by endorsing effective fisheries management, clean fish habitats and better access for anglers. To achieve these goals, the association engages in all of the following:

  • Youth fishing education program development
  • Annual fishing and boating seminars
  • Beach cleanup efforts
  • Conservation awareness
  • Fishing tournaments

Kayak Fishing Association of New York

Founded by like-minded individuals, the NY Kayak Fishing Association’s goals are promoting kayak fishing and advancing the sport by following the state’s conservation policies and fishing ethics. Both amateur and professional kayak anglers benefit from the following club activities:

  • Monthly meetings
  • An online fishing forum
  • Fishing education resources