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Goldie Streamer Fly- One Of The Best Flies

The Goldie is probably my favorite streamer for trout. It works just about everywhere, and you can buy it at most western fly shops.

The Goldie is an articulated (double hooked) streamer. This adds to the size of the fly, but it also improves your hookup ratio. When there’s 2 hooks, you’re more likely to get a better set on a trout. It prevents “short strikes” because there is also a hook at the rear of the fly. With single hooked streamers, short strikes happen because the trout only bites the back of the fly. This results in missed fish. The Goldie is a very productive streamer on most trout rivers.

Although I love this fly here in Colorado, it will work in most trout locations. Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, etc. Trout just can’t resist this fly.

The Goldie is tied by Solitude Fly Co, and it is usually pretty affordable. Here in Colorado, they’re usually 4 dollars a piece. As far as articulated streamers go, that’s a pretty good price.

The Goldie Is a Great Searching Pattern

When you’re not sure what to use, it is best to prospect with a “searching” pattern. This is a fly that you have confidence in, because it’s worked well for you before. When I show up at a new trout stream, I’ll often tie on a Goldie and start working through likely runs.

Using a streamer is a great way to work through new water. Instead of spending a lot of time nymphing, you can cover water quickly with a streamer. Strip it through, likely holding water, and then keep moving.

The Goldie Works On Sunny Days

On bright days, using a bright fly usually works well. Here in Colorado, we get over 300 days of sunshine a year. This means that using a lighter, brighter streamer fly usually works the best. Sunny days can be tough for streamer fly fishers, but using a white fly like the Goldie can produce results.

Next time you want to fish streamers on a sunny day, consider using the Goldie streamer. It really shines in the sunlight and it attracts fish.

A Good Warm Water Fly

Although the Goldie works for trout, it can also work in your local pond or lake. Bass love this fly, and Pike have been known to eat it as well.

If you live in a warmer climate where there’s no trout, you can still have success with this fly. Try it on your local Bass lake – it produces fish!

Works On A Floating Line Or A Sink Tip

Although I generally fish sink tips with streamers, there are times when a floating fly line works better. This is especially true for shallow water or slower water. The Goldie has a weighted conehead on it, so it will sink on its own. If you want to get it deeper, fish it on a sink tip. If you are looking to fish more shallow, you can use it on a regular floating fly line.

For lake anglers looking to get down really deep, you can even throw the Goldie on a full sinking fly line.

The Goldie Has Plenty Of Flash

This fly has a Polar Chenille body. This material has lots of flash, and it attracts trout. This flash can also work well in dirty water, when you want to get the fishes attention.

The gold flash in this fly is really where the name “Goldie” comes from.


Every fly fisher has their favorite flies. As you fish more, you will build confidence in certain patterns because they produce fish. For me, the Goldie is up there with my top trout patterns. It produces fish season after season, and I highly recommend picking a few up. If you are a fly tyer, the Goldie is a pretty easy streamer to learn!