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Fly Shops – Why They Are Very Important

Fly shops are super essential to the fly fishing industry. They offer local knowledge and advice, and they provide a good community for local fly anglers.

With online shopping being the norm these days, fly shops are struggling to compete with the big box stores and websites. Brick and mortar shops have been overlooked in recent years, and it would be a huge bummer if they went away.

If you have a local fly shop in your area, I highly recommend that you pay them a visit and support them. Without fly shops, fly fishing would suffer in a huge way. The good news is that many fly shops do well for themselves thanks to local repeat customers. Tourists also make up a large part of their sales.

This article will cover the benefits of fly shops, and why fly anglers should consider supporting them. They are really the foundation of our industry, bringing anglers together and sharing advice.

Supporting Brick And Mortars

Some brick and mortar shops do just fine because they have a wide array of items. Fly fishing is such a niche sport with specific items – it takes a specific customer to support a fly shop. They usually have to be anglers, or at least interested in angling.

Fly shops are usually located at or near good fishing areas. This way, they can set themselves up for success – because there’s always anglers in the area. These anglers are the bread and butter of the fly shop, and without them, the shop would suffer greatly.

So if you live near a fly shop, pay them a visit. They aren’t getting rich, and they really appreciate every customer that walks in the door!

Gain Local Knowledge At Fly Shops

You can read articles online to gain knowledge, but nothing beats local knowledge and local fishing reports. The fly shop staff and guides have the most up to date reports and fishing conditions. This is knowledge that you can only get by visiting the fly shop – or calling them.

Since river conditions vary from day to day, it is important to have an up to date report. You may want to inquire about which bugs are hatching and which flies to use. The fly shop can point you in the right direction.

Although this knowledge is free, I highly recommend buying at least a few flies. It is a nice gesture and you may even get a hint on a good local fishing spot.

Fly Shops Are A Dying Breed

Every item is just a click away nowadays. This is a huge convenience, but it is really hurting local businesses who sell the same goods. Chances are that your local fly shop has what you’re looking for! If they don’t have it, they can special order it.

If you can avoid buying fly fishing gear online, you are giving your local fly shop a fighting chance in this ever-changing world. They will really appreciate it, and you can even become a regular customer who is on a first name basis with the shop.

Back in the day, you couldn’t get fly fishing gear online because the internet didn’t exist. Fly shops weren’t worried about losing sales, because you had to go to a shop to get flies and gear. Now, fly shops are feeling the change and it can really hurt their bottom line.

Fly Shops Offer Community

Fly shops offer an inclusive community for local anglers. People like to hang out in fly shops because they are a good environment/hang out spot. You can gain local knowledge and listen to anglers that have many years of experience. These tips and tricks can really help you progress your skills.

If you get to know the staff and guides at your local fly shop, you can make new friends and fishing buddies. Although fly fishing is a solitary activity, it is a lot more fun to have friends to fish with. You may even get invited on a float trip down the river.

I have met some of my best fishing buddies in the fly shop. What starts off as acquaintances leads to a long time fishing friendship.

Supporting Guides

Most fly shops will offer a guide service through their outfitters’ license. These guides are some of the hardest working folks in the industry. Guides are on the river every day, teaching clients how to catch fish and be successful on the water. Guides can do ok for themselves, but they don’t make a ton of money.

If you’re a beginner angler, hiring a guide is one of the best ways to learn. Although it can be expensive, you will learn a ton from a guided trip – this will allow you to be successful on future fishing outings.

I hired a guide when I first started fly fishing. There were so many questions and techniques that it felt overwhelming! The guide gave me one-on-one advice throughout the day, and I ended up catching a few trout. This allowed me to go out by myself and catch fish.