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Fly Fishing Lanyards – Top Picks

Fly Fishing Lanyards – Top Picks

Fly fishing lanyards are one of the best choices to keep your accessories at your fingertips. With a fly fishing lanyard, you can keep your tippet, floatant, nippers, forceps, and much more around your neck. This really comes in handy for folks who like to be prepared. Many fly fishing guides have switched to lanyards to make their days on the water easier.

There are many lanyard options out there, all with different configurations. It really comes down to personal preference when choosing your first lanyard. Do you want to carry a lot, or do you just need the essentials? Some fly anglers are very minimalistic in their approach, while others want to bring all their gear to the river.

This article will cover my favorite lanyards that are available today. These reputable brands have proven themselves, and their lanyards are very durable.

Mountain River Angler Lanyard

Mountain river is one of the top fly fishing lanyard brands. They are designed for dedicated fly anglers that need their gear to work right and stay intact.

This lanyard features a horizontal tippet holder in the center. This allows you to keep an assortment of tippet spools at your disposal. I really like this setup because I don’t have to dig around in my pack, they are just always at the ready.

The foam band on the neck portion really makes this lanyard comfortable. There is nothing worse than a thin lanyard that digs into your neck. No matter how many accessories you put on this lanyard, the foam will offset the weight and keep your neck more comfortable.

This lanyard features several accessory snaps, which are quite versatile. It also has 2 rolls of foam to keep your flies on for a day trip. The chamois cloth is great for cleaning sunglasses when they get dirty out on the river.

The Mountain River Angler Lanyard is a bit pricey, but it offers lots of features in a ready-to-use design.

Dr. Slick Lanyard

Dr. Slick is a trusted fly fishing brand that has been around forever. This lanyard has a unique design, with many different attachment points. It also includes a floatant holder and a small fly box. It includes 2 retractors that come pre-installed on the lanyard. This will save folks from having to buy retractors separately.

As with Mountain River, an included foam strip is installed to help protect your neck. At the bottom of this lanyard, there is a tippet spool holder. this allows you to carry your essential tippet sizes for a days worth of fishing.

At the top of the lanyard, there is an elastic drawcord. This will allow you to adjust the lanyards length based on your preferences. Taller anglers may want it longer, while shorter anglers may want to tighten the cord.

This lanyard is not extremely pricey, but it’s definitely an investment. I trust Dr. Slick products to last for a long time, and that goes for their lanyards as well. With all the attachment points, this lanyard is definitely for the gear minded angler – who wants to bring everything along.

Orvis Lanyard (Unloaded)

As with most Orvis products, anglers are going to pay a pretty penny to get into their gear. However, this lanyard is a great product that I think fly anglers should consider.

This is the unloaded model, so the extra accessories pictured won’t come with the lanyard. However, it gives you a good idea of how to set this lanyard up.

This lanyard has a flat webbing design, with 6 paracord loops that are very durable. These loops offer great attachment points for any tools or accessories you might have.

There is a nice forcep dock designed specifically to attach forceps. It also has a fly drying dock where you can store flies to use later. The foam portion protects your neck just like the models listed above, and there is a cinch cord that you can tighten based on your preferences.

The Orvis Unloaded Lanyard is a premium product that many fly anglers can benefit from. I highly recommend it to folks who want a lifetime lanyard that won’t fail on them.

Scientific Anglers Lanyard

Scientific Anglers makes some high end products. Although they are known for fly lines and tippet, I really like their lanyard as well. It is built quite similarly to the Mountain River lanyard – tippet holder in the center, foam fly patches, and a microfiber cloth.

It also has several attachment points with clips, which comes in quite handy. They even included a floatant holder for the days when the trout are sipping dry flies. The foam neck protector is similar to the other models listed above. At this point, it is pretty much mandatory that all lanyards have it. You want to keep the weight even on your neck, without getting uncomfortable.

The SA lanyard is priced reasonably, and doesn’t cost as much as the Orvis model. I think as far as quality goes, this SA lanyard is up there with the best.

Kodiak Fly Fishing Lanyard

I had to include a good budget option in here, because not every fly angler wants to spend a lot on a lanyard.

The Kodiak fly fishing lanyard offers plenty of features for a lesser cost. This model is very adjustable and can be used from a 38 inch length to a 48 inch length – this will accommodate anglers of all heights and sizes.

Several attachment hooks can be customized to hold floatants, nippers etc. It even includes a retractor that is ready to use. This is a nice inclusion considering the price point of this lanyard.

Taking into account the lower cost of the Kodiak lanyard, I think it’s a great option for budget conscious anglers. It may not be as fancy as the name brand lanyards, but it will certainly get the job done.