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Finding Fly Fishing Buddies – (Fly Fishing With Friends)

Finding a good fly fishing buddy can be hard. You really have to like someone to go fishing with them a lot. Although it can be hard to find friends to fish with, it is totally doable. This article will cover some of the best ways I have found fishing buddies.

If you do come across a good fishing friend, hold onto them. They are extremely valuable, especially if they are better at fly fishing than you are. This means that you will learn a lot from them, and become a better angler.

With this being said, sometimes life gets in the way. Friends move, get married, switch jobs, or sometimes just seem to fall off the face of the earth.

Make Friends By Becoming A Regular At Your Local Fly Shop

Fly shops are hubs for likeminded fly fishers to connect. If you become a regular customer, you will get to know the employees, guides, and the locals. This is very valuable, and you can easily make friends this way. However, don’t be a weirdo! Get to know the guys before you spend hours hanging out in the shop. If you’re lucky, you may get invited on a float or an evening outing.

Chat With Other Fly Fishers On The River

This is a tricky one, but it can certainly work. Being friendly on the river is a good way to make friends. You should use your best judgement, because a lot of anglers don’t like to be bothered at all. It really depends on the person.

Even just saying, “how’s it fishing for you?” can be a good opener. Keep it simple and make small talk. This can really pay off in terms of making fishing friends. Just make sure not to crowd other anglers or “high hole” them.

Attend More Fly Fishing Events To Make Fishing Buddies

If you live in trout country, there will be fly fishing events that pop up near you. These can be fly tying contests, film tours, casting clinics, or seminars. All of these can be great ways to meet new fly fishing buddies. If you go to one of these events, there’s bound to be likeminded anglers around. However, there will also be some odd ducks.

Fly shops usually promote these events, and they are sometimes free. If they do cost money, it’s usually pretty cheap.

Attend Local Fly Tying Classes

Fly tying classes are becoming more and more popular. Many fly shops offer them, but local tyers can host them as well. If you’re interested in fly tying, classes are very valuable. There will also be other anglers there, which can potentially become fishing buddies.

Fly tying classes are usually several hours, so you’ll have plenty of time to chat with the other folks about fishing, tying, etc.

Get A Current Friend Into Fly Fishing

This can be tough, but it makes a lot of sense. If you get a current buddy into fly fishing, then you can teach them how to improve – and hopefully they will get into it. I have done this a few times, and it usually works out. As long as they show some interest, then this is a good way to go. If they have absolutely no interest in fly fishing, then it’s not worth it. There is no point in forcing fly fishing on someone. It should be a fun activity that is enjoyable. If your friend has no curiosity about it, then let it go. 

Be prepared to have to “guide” your friend until they get the hang of it. It can be frustrating, but will pay off down the road.


Although finding fishing buddies isn’t easy, it’s definitely worth it. Fishing alone can be fun, but the best times are with friends. With fishing friends, you can plan trips to go on together. You can also fish your local waters after work or on the weekend. We can always learn something from other anglers, which is why fishing buddies are so important.

Even though fly fishing friendships don’t last forever, they are worth cherishing for the moment. If you find a lifetime fishing buddy, you have hit the jackpot.