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Fat Albert Fly – A Foam Trout Attractor

If you’re looking for a new terrestrial pattern to try, look no further than the Fat Albert. This fly looks like a wide variety of terrestrials, while also looking like nothing in particular. Trout will eat this fly on most rivers throughout the summer and fall.

When trout are looking up in the summer and fall, they are often receptive to fatter patterns with lots of leg movement. However, I always like to put a nymph or two below in case the trout won’t rise. The Fat Albert will support the heaviest of nymphs underneath it, and you can even put 2 large nymphs underneath.

The Fat Albert was created by Brent Taylor in Missouri, but it quickly found itself producing fish all over the world. It’s been around for a long time, and you can find it at most trout based fly shops. 

Fat Alberts Are All Foam

This fly has a ridiculous amount of foam on it. This helps it float really well with minimal maintenance. Whether you’re wading or in the drift boat, the Fat Albert will stay floating even in turbulent water. Just put your gel floatant of choice on before you hit the water. If you live near turbulent water or lots of riffle water, this is the right fly for the job.

Fat Alberts Work In Many Lakes

Although the Fat Albert performs in rivers, it is an amazing fly for lakes. Trout, bass, and panfish lakes – We fish the Fat Albert in all of them. If the fish are picky, just size the fly down a size or two. You can even hang a midge or chironomid pattern below it. This works well when the trout are picky or are resistant to rise during sunny days.

Fat Alberts Are Strike Indicators Also

If you have trouble seeing your flies, consider fishing the Fat Albert in a crazy color such as pink. This will make it more visible than a regular indicator, so you won’t miss any strikes! I will fish a fly such as the Fat Albert instead of an indicator throughout the summer and fall. However, even the tan versions pictured above are quite easy to keep track of.

Relatively Easy To Tie

Although this fly looks complicated, it’s really not hard to tie. The video below by Fly Fish Food goes into detail on tying the Fat Albert.

When you tie your own, you can experiment with colors to make custom, one of a kind versions. Try multiple foam colors and leg colors. You can also mess around with the parachute material.

A Searching Fly (Prospecting)

If you’re not sure what terrestrial the fish are keying in on, fishing an attractor fly is a good choice. These are flies that look similar to many insects, but aren’t too specific. Since the fat Albert just looks buggy, it can imitate most terrestrials. However, it doesn’t replicate a specific terrestrial.

Not All Are Created Equal

We prefer to buy this fly from Montana Fly Company (MFC). Other manufacturers don’t tie them as well, and they tend to fall apart. If you can find a fly shop who sells the MFC versions, be sure to stock up! They are tied bomb proof and will last for a long time – Even after many fish have been caught.