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Autumn Splendor Fly – A Must-Have Streamer

The autumn splendor is one of my favorite streamers for western trout rivers. It has caught some of the largest trout I have witnessed, and many other fly anglers can attest to this also. Trout are very attracted to this fly, especially during the autumn months.

This is a classic fly, invented decades ago. It really caught on in Montana, Wyoming and Colorado. If you’re searching for larger brown trout during the fall months, the Autumn Splendor should have a place in your arsenal.

Whether you spin some up or head to your local fly shop, the autumn splendor is worth keeping in your streamer box.

This article will cover the benefits of this fly, and why it flat out catches fish!

Aggressive Brown Trout Love It

During the fall months, brown trout start to spawn and will get more aggressive. This means they will attack any food that comes near their spawning beds. During this time, brown trout react strongly to brighter colors. This is where the autumn splendor comes in. The orange hues and yellow rubber legs trigger strikes left and right.

If you’re into hunting browns in the fall, you may be used to fishing large, articulated streamers. While these work well and are very popular, you shouldn’t forget the single hooked streamers. Although the splendor is smaller than other patterns, it works just as well – if not better.

You can also trail the autumn splendor off the back of a bigger fly. Double streamer rigs can be very effective for trout.

The Autumn Splendor Is Affordable

Trout streamers get more expensive every year. More hooks, materials and complicated ties can have streamers pushing $10 or even more. For custom ties, streamers can reach $20.

Since the splendor is relatively simple and easy to tie, it is quite affordable. Most shops will charge between $3 to $4 for this fly, so you can stock up for pretty cheap.

A Versatile Fly

Since the splendor is a smaller streamer, it can be fished with many fly rods. Whether you have a 5 weight with a floating line, or an 8 weight with a sink tip – the splendor can be fished easily. Since you don’t need a big rod for this fly, your standard trout rod should work just fine.

If you want to fish higher in the water column, a floating line works well for this fly. For fishing deeper pools and runs, consider a sink tip or even a full sink line.

Trophy Trout

This fly is more responsible for catching trophy trout than many other streamers. If you talk to other fly fishers (old timers especially), they are bound to have stories of catching large trout with this fly. A guide I know once had his client fishing this fly on a float trip during the fall. They hooked a brown that was 10 pounds plus. They had done many floats in hopes of a large brown, and it finally happened! Although they got this fish close to the boat, the client pinched down on the line, and the brown broke off on 15 pound test. Lo and behold, it ate the splendor! Hopefully when you hook a huge trout with this fly, you’ll actually land it.